The Platform for Collaboration on Tax (PCT) Partners recently updated the Online Integrated Platform (OIP) with the latest available data. 

OIP is an extensive database that brings together the four PCT Partners' (IMF, OECD, UN and WB) domestic resource mobilization (DRM) activities and projects. Updated regularly, users can gain insights into current trends on DRM projects or opportunities for global collaboration. Since its launch in March 2020, the OIP has been extensively used by experts of the four PCT organizations, researchers, practitioners and beyond. The PCT Secretariat is continuously working on further harmonizing the data and providing more granular information.

The recent update in the OIP includes new or revised information on:

  • Ongoing country engagements of the four PCT Partner organizations (IMF, OECD, UN and the World Bank);
  • Global collaborations; and,
  • Regional-level collaborations.

Users can now explore the updated OIP and search data by countries, regions or organizations in the map or list view.  

Please click here to visit the Online Integrated Platform.